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The social life of forests

THE SOCIAL LIFE OF FORESTS "An old-growth forest is neither an assemblage of stoic organisms tolerating one another’s presence nor a merciless battle royale: It’s a vast, ancient and intricate society."   Article written in the New York Times by Ferris Jabr about trees, fungi and the incredible partnership they form.     DATE January… Read More

But first, coffee

BUT FIRST, COFFEE Set of spot illustrations created for a personal project. DATE January 2021 SOFTWARES USED / LOGICIELS Pencil, Procreate, Affinity suite Read More


BEST WISHES & CULTURAL INSPIRATIONS Social media project for the International Alliance of Independent Publishers, showcasing the cultural inspirations (books, movies, music etc.) of the independent publishers who are part of the network. Let's celebrate bibliodiversity, one book at a time! DATE January 2021 SOFTWARES USED / LOGICIELS Procreate REFERENCE International Alliance of Independent Publishers Read More
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