Lisa Schiller Mediation

LISA SCHILLER - MEDIATION Logo design Lisa Schiller is a german mediator specialized in family, workplace and intercultural conflict resolution. As a professional, her main objective is to facilitate connexions between people, when there is no visible link ; to create a common ground for comprehension, if not reconciliation.   DATE May 2020 SOFTWARES USED… Read More

Libraires du Monde arabe

CATALOGUE DES LIBRAIRES DU MONDE ARABE   mis en page en 2017, ce catalogue de 52 pages vise à promouvoir les littératures et ceux qui la diffusent dans le monde francophone. Il réunit les recommandations culturelles de 19 libraires du monde Arabe.     DATE 2017 SOFTWARES USED / LOGICIELS Adobe Indesign / Illustrator /… Read More
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